ACE Survey Trial 2018

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Page 1  Introduction and example of how to score each page

Page 2  Vulnerability Six kinds

Page 3  Activity Sheet B-1  Experiences of physical violence, unsafe

Page 4  Activity Sheet B-2  Shaming, blaming smothering the real you

Page 5  Activity Sheet B-3  Negative emotional experiences

Page 6  Activity Sheet B-4  Abandoned, lost, disowned

Page 7  Activity Sheet B-5  Experiences involving addictions

Page 8  Activity Sheet B-6  Adverse sexual events

Page 9  Activity Sheet B-7  Undermined, disempowered, too controlled

Page 10 Activity Sheet B-8  Other adverse experiences separation, loss

Page 11 Activity Sheet B-9  Major traumatic events, death, suicide, crime

Page 12 Activity Sheet  Working out your ACE total score  

Page x  ACE research graphs  (to follow)