ACE Survey Trial 2018

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An ACE Survey  - Adverse Childhood Experiences

In the following pages you’ll find  the first trial version of my ACE survey. 

I need to stress  this is not a valid instrument and while an ACE score may be useful in many ways, please recognise that as a number it has no statistical significance except that the higher the score the more this indicates how much adverse childhood experiences might have had an effect on you and your  life.

This is so clearly illustrated in the graphs at the end of the survey which show just how many different areas of our lives can each be affected by a high ACE score.

Doesn’t take long

It looks like a long survey but most of my clients say they completed the lot in under 15 minutes, maybe a bit longer calculating their final ACE score.

Many of my clients say that completing the survey has also helped them become more aware of the many different kinds of adverse events  they experienced.

I’d be most interested in looking at your  highest scoring pages out of the nine different kinds of adverse experiences.

I would specially appreciate your feedback on what you feel you have gained from completing the survey and any suggestions on ways it could be improved. 

How long did it take you to complete the survey?


John Bligh Nutting

BA (Psych) University of Queensland; MQCA (Clinical); Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists - ARCAP; National Australian Register - Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation Australia (PACFA) 20969; State Register - Clinical Counsellor - Queensland Counsellors Association (QCA) 230-80156; Past  Member, International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) Professional Member, Adults Surviving Child abuse (ASCA) 32974

Page 1  Introduction and example of how to score each page

Page 2  Vulnerability Six kinds

Page 3  Activity Sheet B-1  Experiences of physical violence, unsafe

Page 4  Activity Sheet B-2  Shaming, blaming smothering the real you

Page 5  Activity Sheet B-3  Negative emotional experiences

Page 6  Activity Sheet B-4  Abandoned, lost, disowned

Page 7  Activity Sheet B-5  Experiences involving addictions

Page 8  Activity Sheet B-6  Adverse sexual events

Page 9  Activity Sheet B-7  Undermined, disempowered, too controlled

Page 10 Activity Sheet B-8  Other adverse experiences separation, loss

Page 11 Activity Sheet B-9  Major traumatic events, death, suicide, crime

Page 12 Activity Sheet  Working out your ACE total score  

Page x  ACE research graphs  (to follow)